Leon den Engelsen

Host, Musician, Producer, Composer


Tel: +31646340402 (NL) +46760489158 (SE)

Hey there! Thanks for visiting our website! Let me tell you something about myself.

My name is Leon den Engelsen. I’m Dutch but love made me move to Sweden which I did in the year 2018. As you’ve noticed I have a passion for music. I tour all over our planet with Sevdaliza and when I’m home I’ll be recording and writing music in my studio. Besides making music, I love being out in nature, just around our house or in the woods outside our doorstep. So far I’ve had a truly amazing time living in Röstånga and me and my lovely wife Diana tell each other more than once in a while that we ended up living in paradise! We’d love to share this feeling and therefor we’ve decided to open our doors for those seeking for focus and creativity. Feel welcome to contact me at any time if you have questions about our studio, the apartment, the surroundings or really for whatever questions you want to ask.