Prices below are an indication and we are flexible with check in and check out times due to flight schedules and we are willing to give special offers for longer stays.

Week (Monday 13:00 – Monday next week 11:00)
€ 1199,- ex 25% VAT

Weekend (Friday 13:00 – Monday 11:00)
€ 575,- ex 25% VAT

Midweek (Monday 13:00 – Friday 11:00)
€ 749,- ex 25% VAT

Day price € 199,- ex 25% VAT (This is excluding accommodation, all multi-day deals are including accommodation)

For all other services, engineering, mixing and production fees please contact us.

An advanced payment of 25% has to be done when booking is confirmed.
All bookings require a deposit of € 500,- which will be given back at departure.